Michan (Australia) Pty. Ltd, having invested its own manufacturing plant in China, is specialized in manufacturing custom tungsten carbide products, castings and carbide tipped tools according to customers' specific requirement for all industries. The products have been sold through Australia, Europe, and America for more than decades, and enjoy good reputation.
The main application for it's products is: mining and construction industries, agricultural industries, woodworking industries, road planing, crushers, and chemical industries.
The main products are: carbide blanks for wear resistance tips, tiles for hardfacing, stump tips, shredder tips, saw tips, nozzles, drawing and punching dies, crushing hammers, stone inserts, limestone cutters etc.

Finished carbide products for planer blades, rubber cutters, paper cutters, plastic cutting, seal rings, slitter rings, carbide bushings, etc.
All the carbide is made with premium virgin powder with different grades and particle sizes according to customer's requirement or application.
Besides the solid tungsten carbide, Michan (Australia) Pty.Ltd. is also in position of supplying other carbide related products, such as:

Fused tungsten carbide and crushed tungsten carbide for hard-facing,
Carbide tipped tools: coal picks, planning picks, limestone cutters, etc.

All you need is to send us your inquiries, we do the rest for you.
Quality assured, prompt delivery, and competitive prices!


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